Topmost Influential SOC Providers in India

July 23, 2022

To ensure adequate security, the SOC has to implement prevention measures and research the latest threats and innovations. The SOC should keep pace with new threats and security trends to implement preventative measures and develop a disaster recovery plan. The providers must also stay updated on security innovations to protect organizations. Once they have the latest information on cybercrime and security threats, they can devise an appropriate security roadmap. By hiring the right provider, the SOC will help businesses to avoid such problems before they arise.

Security Operation Centers

There are many components to a security operation center. If the center is in-house, it can face difficulties in keeping up with current events and sometimes mid-way stoppages. Outsourcing security operations to a managed security operation center can help solve this problem. Security operation centers provide managed services for various industries and businesses. These services ensure continuous monitoring and early threat detection.

The main aim of a security operations center is to prevent and minimize losses caused by cybercrimes. Hence, organizations in the healthcare, BFSI, education, retail, and public sectors can benefit from the services of security operations center providers. Additionally, any business that involves sensitive data will be able to profit from SOC services. Because SOC services can detect emerging threats and identify malicious activities at the initial stage, they can help protect any company from data breaches and other cyber attacks.

Security operations center companies help organizations strengthen their defences from threats by gathering data from internal systems and external data sources. They help organizations enhance their response time and increase their efficiency through customized data. Collecting and correlating this data allows a SOC analyst to identify threats quickly. Moreover, the cloud-based SOC solution from Network Techlab supports local data residency requirements and regulatory mandates. It also helps organizations improve visibility and security intelligence best practices.

While SOCs cannot prevent major cyber attacks, they can minimize their impact. With the latest security tools and an awareness of the digital infrastructure, these experts can prevent major cyber incidents and protect your company against hackers. The team also manages logs during data breaches, providing information on communications and logging activities relevant to the investigation. In addition to this, SOCs can also prioritize aggressive intrusion and protect networks from cyberattacks.


With its SOC as a Service solution, Cydarm helps organizations build and manage their security programs. Its highly experienced security experts are always available to support any project. Cydarm provides a collaborative incident response platform, which increases its value the more users it has. The service is interoperable with other vendors' products and is easy to integrate into an organization's technology stack.

This company provides SOC services through its automated software and APIs, which means it does not require any physical agents. It can monitor a customer's environment in a matter of hours. Based in New York, Cydarm provides managed security operations. Its security operations services include threat hunting, endpoint detection, and vulnerability management. Cydarm was founded by former security experts in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Its security solutions and SOC services provide comprehensive threat intelligence to help organizations refine and prioritize security policies. The SOC helps protect organizations with an array of security devices and analyzes logs and alerts. The SOC analysts investigate incidents and take appropriate action.

Another SOC provider in India is LimaCharlie. It abstracts the complex parts of information security and delivers on-demand and at scale. The company also offers tools for MSSPs, APIs to build products, and more. It provides a full suite of Managed Security Services (MCIS) services and a mission-critical infrastructure strategy. Its data centers are Tier III SOC-2 certified.


Sify is an IaaS provider that offers various IT infrastructure components on a pay-per-use or self-service basis. It provides dynamic scaling and allows users to control the provisioned resources to fit their needs. The company offers three variants of this service - private, public, and hybrid. Besides its core offering of IaaS, Sify also provides consulting, application migration, and managed-to-host services.

Sify has an enterprise-grade IP network with over 38 data centers. The company has 6 Tier 3 Data Centers. It also provides Enterprise MPLS network and Telecom services. It provides Managed and Cloud services and Telecom and Data Center services. It has a strong presence in North America, the UK, and Singapore. Sify has been one of the leading ICT companies in India since 1997, offering a complete range of IT services.

Sify is India's leading enterprise cloud provider and has undergone SSAE-16 (SOC-2) audits and certifications. Its SOC-certified environment meets the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) standards and is GAPP-compliant. The company also has ITSM certification and is SSAE-16 certified. This accreditation means that Sify has met stringent data security and management standards.

With more than 3,000 employees and customers worldwide, Sify is a top SOC provider in India. Sify has the most extensive customer base and a global presence. Their service is provided through their SOC and managed security services. Sify is an innovative SOC provider with offices in New York and Tel Aviv. This service provider is ideal for any organization seeking high-quality SOC solutions.


STRYVA is a strategic next-generation information security solutions provider focusing on Managed Security Services for SOCs. Its mission is to be a Trusted Security Advisor and the leading next-generation threat-driven solution provider by identifying, evangelizing, and integrating niche security technologies. Some of the company's most innovative products include APPRO Technology's systems-on-chip.

Managed Security Services to provide management, monitoring, and response services. They provide world-class infrastructure and a unified view of your company's security posture. In addition, they offer risk ratings and a unified view of your business. If you are unsure how to choose a provider, here are some things to consider. Managed Security Services is an excellent choice if you're looking for a SOC provider with a global footprint.

Managed SOC providers have the scale and expertise to keep their security toolset up-to-date. This helps them offer cutting-edge security to their customers. The downside to managed SOC providers is that they need to deploy their security stack within your environment. During this time, your organization will be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. In addition, managed SOC providers often have highly skilled security staff that can be difficult to recruitand retain in-house.


A collaborative incident response platform is a great way to scale your SOC operations. Cydarm is an excellent example of this. It has a multi-user attribute-based access control model. A collaborative incident response platform also increases its value as the number of users increases. STRYVA has an excellent reputation for delivering the highest quality services to its clients. STRYVA also offers a robust infrastructure and security solutions that integrate seamlessly with the existing technology stack.

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