Plastering And Rendering Are Not The Same

October 1, 2022

Plastering and Rendering are often confused, but as you will read - They are very different!

Both services treat walls and ready walls to be painted or decorated.
In Australia - Rendering is the process where a wall has a wet finish applied, and it is typically cement based and done on exterior walls.
The most common place to see Rendering is on a home's exterior to cover up existing brickwork and give a smooth surface that can be painted over,r or the render contains the color pigments.
It is also done on fences, covering brickwork and blue board partitions to create a solid outdoor wall or fence that can be painted.



How does the rendering work?

Cement rendering gives your walls a new finish.
With Rendering, your home can look modern and fresh without the cost of a completely new facade.

Some building materials, such as Besser blocks, do not age well. If you want a home that looks like new, a rendering service from IC Company can cover your ancient walls and give your home a completely new look. Rendering can be used for most building surfaces, including:

  • Besser Blocks
  • Blue slab/fiber cement
  • Brick facing
  • Levers
  • Polystyrene

The cement renders can give your walls a smooth or rough finish regardless of the surface to which the cement is applied. You can also choose to have a final texture on the walls, or we can use an acrylic coating that incorporates the render's color.
We can render walls with the following finishes:

  • Acrylic
  • Acrylic pocket
  • Repelled line
  • Quicksand
  • Quick render
  • Scratch (2mm or 3mm)
  • Stucco/Screed
  • Swirls (2mm or 3mm)

We can also match the surfaces of existing walls around your home, so your newly rendered walls won't stand out if you don't want them to.

Want more rendering advice?

Then you can contact our IC Company Team- Brisbane Rendering, the leading provider of residential retrofit cement rendering and painting services throughout Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, and the entire east coast of Australia.

We have established and experienced teams ready to assist you with all your rendering needs. So whether you're just looking for advice or you're looking to add value to your new or existing home by rendering, we're here to help, so get in touch!


Our approach to getting Rendering done

IC Company is committed to providing our customers with the finish, style, and texture they deserve from the start. Our planned approach to providing you with the best rendering service in Queensland consists of the following strategy:

  • We instruct our professional to come to your location to get an idea and inspect your place.
  • The professional will ask you about all the requirements and preferences and provide you with the best quote for your chosen rendering.
  • After agreeing with our offer and services, our professional will also inquire about the best time to start the work and your wishes and questions.
  • We guarantee high-quality Rendering and a clean place after we finish the work.

Schedule, cost calculation, and quality assurance

No matter what type of Rendering you choose, we, the IC Company professionals, will ensure that you get the best quality rendering at the most affordable price.
Reach us now to get the best quotes for all types of wall rendering, and we can get your rendering work underway today.
We can also ensure that all exterior walls are waterproofed before commencing work.



Plastering In Brisbane And How it Differs

In Australia, our plastering is related to what is known as drywall.
We use Gyprock or drywall plaster sheeting boards to create smooth interior walls ready to be painted over.

Dry plastering is the internal installation of rigid building sheeting or boards made of gypsum plaster sandwiched and glued to cardboard outer covers.

Installing cornices, false and suspended ceilings, fibrous plaster or boards, or fibrous cement sheeting or boards (not including work that provides structural support).

It excludes any exterior cladding work that carpenters do.

Plastering teams often have to install wall systems if they work as commercial plasterers.
A steel stud and track frame will be installed before the plasterboard sheets are laid over the top.
This is how commercial office spaces can quickly build and finish their internal walls. Timber framework is avoided, and the plastering crews can set up their walls.

Plastering Contractors

Plastering walls offer surfaces a smooth texture and aid in surface preparation for painting.
To achieve the highest quality plastering, remember that it is better to allow a professional plasterer to do the task. Plaster surface preparation and evaluation are the first steps, followed by plaster application and any necessary finishing.

Homeowner advantages of plastering services:

  • Surface appearance enhancement
  • Increases the strength of the structure
  • It offers walls with a fire-proof attribute.
  • Produces a spotless surface

The most popular plaster types and terms are listed below:


Often known as drywall or Gyprock, it is the most popular choice among Australian builders since it's simple to install and great for lining walls or constructing partitions. Additionally, it comes in versions with fire protection, moisture resistance, or sound insulation.

Wet Plastering

It is similar to Rendering, which is where the confusion about the similarities between plastering and Rendering. It provides a smooth and long-lasting wall finish; wet plaster is a solid plastering mixture made of lime, cement, gypsum, or other minerals. Depending on the undercoat, wet plastering requires a skilled application and dries in 2 to 7 days. watch

Ornamental Plastering

It is used to sculpt design features, molding, and cornices. It may be immediately applied to the ceiling, columns, or walls.

Lime plaster

is rarely used since it requires a specific application technique. It offers a robust, breathable surface and is made of lime and sand.
Cement plaster is a rough, grey substance made of cement and sand. It produces a strong and long-lasting wall finish, although it often shrinks and cracks over time.

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